Does Vaser High Def Work on Arms?

I am a 44 year old woman, very good health, workout 3-4 times a week with a trainer, healthy diet- but, I am 5 foot 8 and abt 165. My biggest beef is with my arms- regardless of wkts they are still flabby, even though they have muscle. ?? I am wondering if Vaser High Def would help the arm area. I'd also like to have a more defined waistline area so wondering about that as well.

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Vaser hi def on arms

Vaser is a modlaity of ultrasonic liposuction that certainly can be used on arms to try to achieve better definition and overall fat reduction. 

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Does Vaser Hi Def Work on Arms?

"Vaser Hi Def" is a technique I use to sculpt the body on several layers. The Vaser is a specialized liposuction tool. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, received FDA approval for body contouring in 2002, is the current gold standard in body sculpting and remodeling.

We use the Vaser to perform regular liposuction and Vaser Hi Def LipoSculpture. From what you describe, Vaser Hi Def can be used to remove excess fat in your arms and would create the more defined waistline. The only issue with your arms is that depending on your skin elasticity, you may need Thermage skin tightening or in extreme case, a surgical arm lift. From your pictures, it appears that you would not need either of these.

Andrew Kaczynski, MD (retired)
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