Recurrent Seromas 3 Weeks After Vaser High Def Liposuction

I had Vaser High Def Lipo on my upper/lower abs and flanks 3 weeks ago. I began developing seromas two weeks after my surgery (a week after the drain was removed). I have had needle aspiration done 6 times and have been wearing my compression garments day and night. My question is: on average, how long do seromas last and will cardiovascular activity (elliptical trainer) be helpful or harmful in regard to seromas?

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Recurrent Seromas after VASER Hi Def Liposuction

You had an aggressive form of liposuction to define your chest and abdominal muscles done 3 weeks ago and in the last two weeks needed 6 needle aspirations of recurrent fluid (seroma) collections despite wearing compression garments day and night.

I am a regular VASER user and have never had a seroma as often and for as long as yours had. This suggests to me that either I am a better surgeon than yours (not likely) or that my patients in Memphis are more compliant with surgeon instructions than you (I would bet on this!).

With recurrent seromas you should not be raising your blood pressure nor engaging in activities that move the skin off and over the muscles (shear exercises) until the skin has adhered to the underlying muscles. Engaging in such activities will result in formation of a chronic bursa which may not be treatable except with injections of caustic antibiotics or re-operation and removal of the lining of the pocket.

Wear the garments except for showering for 10-14 days without going to the gym. If the seromas disappear, you got your answer.

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