What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Vaser Hi-def Lipo?

I am scheduled for hi-def vaser lipo with Millard in May? Has anyone had this procedure? If so, how was the recovery and are you happy with your results? Did you experience any skin tightening?

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VASER Hi Def Lipo

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Hi there-

I perform a similar technique myself, and can tell you that Dr. Millard is expert in the technique.

I do not agree that the incisions need to be longer or healing more prolonged, or that there will be more swelling compared to other alternatives for lipo-contouring.

Hi-Def techniques are used when the patient is interested in maximum improvement of muscle definition, and patient satisfaction (when patients are appropriately selected for the technique) is very high.

Vaser high def Lipo

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Expect larger incisions, longer healing, swelling, min. skin tightening. But a good result can be obtained if attention to detail is preformed.

From MIAMI dr. B

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