Vaser Hi Def, Slim Lipo, Smart Lipo Triplex? (photo)

I know finding the right surgeon is the most important factor however is there a "better" liposuction technique? Vaser interests me because i want that ripped look however seeing some pictures of how fake and manufactured the results can look i am really scared off. Smart lipo triplex is the newest laser liposuction but is it more effective than slim lipo? Can laser liposuction give you a ripped six pack look or is this only acheivable with vaser hi def?

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Hidef liposculpting is ideal for those seeking athletic contour

The hide technique is not limited to any one technology such as Vaser or Laser. It is completely dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon. In my practice, I perform many hide liposculpting procedures for body types similar to yours and I use specialized cannulas in addition to Vaser and Laser in every case. The other very important factor is a skilled post-lipo care specialist as the hide procedure requires intensive post-lipo care soft tissue manipulation and seroma management to ensure the best results. I suggest you find a facility that offers the surgeon and the specialist, not just what kind of Laser or Vaser they own.

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