BodyTite Lipo - When Will I See Results?

Hi, I am 30.Lost 35lbs now 124 lbs. I lost everything apart from back,trunk tummy ect. A month ago I had bodytite lipo on upper/lower abs (soon to have sides and back done) I can't see much difference. Think I may have only lost an inch.Is it too soon to see results?The bottom of my tummy is quite hard and sticks out like a 3 month pregnancy.It looks better than it did but i still couldn't wear a dress or tight top ect. When should I expect to see results or may I never see results? Thanks x

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You should have seen the result by now.  Perhaps you have a fluid collection (seroma) under the skin.  Please have your plastic surgeon carefully examine you.  Was your plastic surgeon board certified in plastic surgery?

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I too think you should be seeing great things by now.   Ask your surgeon what his or her experience is and what to expect.  If you do not get what your expected and your expectations were well communicated to your surgeon discuss with him/her what to do next.  Good luck.

Thomas W. Loeb, MD
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Vaser Lipo

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At only 4 weeks after surgery, it is still too soon to know your long term benefit.  However, the hard lump in your lower abdomen should be going down at 4 weeks if you are wearing a compression garment.


Vivek Bansal, MD
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Bodytite Lipo - When Will I See Results?

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Either your result is at a max for this radiowave type therapy or the procedure was poorly done or yoou were not a good candidate. Best from mIAMI DR. Darryl j. Blinski

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