BodyTite Lipo - When Will I See Results?

Hi, I am 30.Lost 35lbs now 124 lbs. I lost everything apart from back,trunk tummy ect. A month ago I had bodytite lipo on upper/lower abs (soon to have sides and back done) I can't see much difference. Think I may have only lost an inch.Is it too soon to see results?The bottom of my tummy is quite hard and sticks out like a 3 month pregnancy.It looks better than it did but i still couldn't wear a dress or tight top ect. When should I expect to see results or may I never see results? Thanks x

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You should have seen the result by now.  Perhaps you have a fluid collection (seroma) under the skin.  Please have your plastic surgeon carefully examine you.  Was your plastic surgeon board certified in plastic surgery?

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Vaser Lipo

At only 4 weeks after surgery, it is still too soon to know your long term benefit.  However, the hard lump in your lower abdomen should be going down at 4 weeks if you are wearing a compression garment.


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Bodytite Lipo - When Will I See Results?

Either your result is at a max for this radiowave type therapy or the procedure was poorly done or yoou were not a good candidate. Best from mIAMI DR. Darryl j. Blinski

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