Can I Get Vaser Arm Lipo After Lumpectomy, Chemo and Radiation?

Can You Get VASER Arm Surgery After Sentinel Node Biopsy, Lumpectemy, Chemo and Rad.?

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Breast cancer and liposuction

Breast cancer surgery occasionally may include removal of part of the lymph nodes from the axilla. This procedure will make the patient prone to a condition called lymphedema which is difficult to manage. For that reason it is wiser to avoid surgery of that extremity. But if no lymph node dissection is done lumpectomy, radiation or chemo will not interfere with the liposuction of the arm.

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Sentinel lymph node and arm liposuction

That is a very good question because if you have a sentitnel lymph node biopsy, it may have affected your lymphatic drainage and may result in lymphedema post-op. Ask youbreast  surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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