Why Are There No Changes with Vaser After 3 Months?

i had vaser lipo done on arms, thighs and hips. though i see changes in thighs, they are not that significant and the arms show no changes at all, rather i have gained an inch and my clothes feel tighter. please help

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Vaser Liposuction

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Vaser is very technique dependent, and a skilled surgeon is required to Vaser the tissue enough, and then aspirate enough.  We use both Vaser, and Popwer X, and laser at the same time.

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Vaser on arms, thighs and hips

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Thank you for your question.

As you know Vaser is a body reshaping procedure. This might be from a very mild improvement to a striking body recontouring. The result depends on patients body build, muscle tone and skin quality.  Exercise and diet are also very important in helping to get your desired body shape.

Initial swelling often obscures the final results, however new body contours start showing after 2-12 weeks. If you have not put on weight since your operation, consult your surgeon to assess the outcome.

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