Varying Swelling 9 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty

is it normal to still have a daily varying degree of swelling 9 months post op closed rhinoplasty depending on sleeping position, coffee drinking , etc or is it the final result

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Swelling 9 months after rhinoplasty is normal--in fact, noses swell without rhinoplasty!

As you can see, most of my colleagues are telling you that swelling after rhinoplasty surgery can take as long as 6, 12, or even more months to "completely" settle. All are right for some patients; others will take their own length of time. But all of us have varying (nasal swelling) responses to sleeping, allergies, rhinoplasty surgery, foods, and even sexual activity (Yes, the nose swells during sex!).

The reality is that you are probably much more aware of your nose now that you have had surgery on it, and in fact there may still be additional sensory nerve regrowth that will help to "normalize" your nasal sensation, which may be as big a part of this "swelling" you perceive, as true actual tissue enlargement.

At any rate, this is normal, and not of any concern, unless there is concommittant redness, fevers, chills, or sign of infection. But swelling alone--don't worry about it. This will improve, but may never completely "go away."

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

Swelling after rhioplasty may last over a year, depending on how many nose surgeries have been performed, the extent of the surgical corrections, and tissue factors. My advice is to be patient with it. You can take a monthly photograph and see how slow swelling resolves. I have done this with numerous patients and swelling lasts at least a good year.


Leo Lapuerta Jr., MD

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Varying Swelling 9 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty

That is very unusual. So best to return to your chosen surgeon for re evaluation and discussions to the extent of the rhinoplasty surgery. 

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Swelling post rhinoplasty

it is totally normal to still have swelling post rhinoplasty. it takes about a year and a half to see final results. depending on your age and the thickness of your skin, the tip are usually takes the most time. be patient it should continue to improve.

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Varying degrees of swelling after rhinoplasty

The answer is yes. Although it has been 9 mos since your surgery, you may not see the final results until after the 12th month. I know it seems like forever, but it does take an awful long time. I know it's hard, but try not to fixate on it and you'll see that by the time the 12th month comes around you won't even notice! Until then, sleeping position, certain pain relievers (NSAIDS) and other factors will affect fluid retention in your nose tip. Hope this helps, Dr. H

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