Varicose Veins Under Eyes?

I was wondering how many years do the spider veins dissapear for when done by laser and if its completely safe to use even under eyes near where the dark circles are? I also wanted to know the price for such treatment i know its probably calculated with mm's but mine aren't that big but they really annoy me and do the creams really work to remove those veins? Thanks for answering all my questions doctors I really appreciate your help

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No permanent cure.

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Laser is safe for veins in the area that your describe. There are also alternative treatments available such as IPL, micro needle radio frequency, VeinWave and VeinGogh (ohmic thermolysis).  The cost varies between doctor, location and amount of veins treated.  Topical creams do not help to remove the veins.

Naples General Surgeon

Veins Veins Veins

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There is no cure for venous disease. Once a vein is treated, it does not recur. But, that does not mean that you won't develop other veins in the area. I hoe that helps.

Veins under eye

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Creams don't get rid of spider veins anywhere.veinsdo come back after laser treatment. There is no defined time.the best results are with vein wave or thermovein.

Brian Newman, MD
London General Surgeon

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