Can the Accutane Dosage be Altered to Speed up Results or Reduce Risks?

Could you change the strength of the pills to make your treatment either faster/slower/less 'dangerous'? I know Accutane can have nasty effects and I was just wondering- what if I took a very small dosage for a longer time? Would that decrease the problems and still get the job done?

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Low dose Accutane treatment

Low dose Accutane treatments are done, and the therapy does last for a long time.  However, achieving a long-lasting remission from acne once you stop low dose Accutane is rare.  Usually there is a relapse.

Accutane does have a number of potential side effects, but there is no better medication for acne.  The patient is monitored by monthly examinations and blood work.

Pregnancy is the biggest issue for women, as women should not get pregnant while on Accutane or for two months after Accutane due to high probability of birth defects.  That is problematic with low dose Accutane as there is no good endpoint to this treatment.

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