What is the advantage of using the white pad during Vanquish treatments?

I have had 2 treatments of four. The first treatment was performed with the white pad and second without... I couldn't get a straight answer as to why... I have paid ALOT of money for this treatment and I want the best results. I feel very frustrated. please help

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What is the spacer for?

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The spacer was used in the clinical trials to keep a distance between the skin and the machine.  Now, we are using protocols with removing the spacer after the first five minutes to diminish sweating and to avoid hot spots as long as the patient can remain still.


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Vanquish Pad

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The pad is a spacer and maintains a certain distance between the device and the skin. It can prevent burns from the device touching the skin. We have been working on protocols with and without the spacer and protocols with this device are being tweaked for better performance. Don't get hung up on the spacer - probably not that important

Jason Pozner, MD
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