I had a tummy tuck and have since gained weight. Do I qualify for another?

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Weight gain after tummy tuck

Hi.  Usually, weight gain after tummy tuck doesn't commonly respond well to another tummy tuck.

You'll need an exam to determine whether the abdominal contours are due to intra-abdominal fat or subcutaneous fat.  If it's the latter, then perhaps liposuction or coolsculpting may be of use.  If it's the former, only diet & exercise will help.

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It is best to get your weight to a reasonable (and maintainable) level before having cosmetic surgery. Maybe a "sit down" with your surgeon is in order to re-focus on your goals.

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You did not provide photos or details so impossible to offer advice

you may benefit from Smartlipo and dieting and exercise.

see a board certified plastic surgeon to get an evaluation.

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TT vs. liposuction

It is impossible to give you good advice without in-person exam. Both secondary TT and/or liposuction may be considered in your case. You should seek a consultation with a reputable board certified plastic surgeon in your area and discuss your options. Good luck.

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