When I don't wear a compression garment during exercise I feel swollen is that normal at 5 months after a TT muscle repair?

I had a TT/ Muscle repair Feb 9, 2016 and when I don't wear a compression garment of some kind during the day when I'm up and about, cleaning or exercising, I feel swollen and the skin numbness is more pronounced. Is that okay to be feeling like that still?

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Numbness and Swelling are Normal

It is not uncommon to experience numbness after a tummy tuck. In fact, the
numbness can last up to a year or may never fully resolve. The fluctuation in
swelling is also normal especially with increased activity without a
compression garment; this too should resolve overtime. If wearing the
compression garment provides comfort then continue to wear it during cleaning
and exercising. It takes the body a long time to heal after a TT/Muscle repair;
what you are experiencing is to be expected and should improve each month.

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