Did I tear the pocket or just strained my muscle?

I'm 6wpo with 500cc overs, Yesterday my boyfriend tried to pull me on the bed by my waist but I pulled away and felt as if something pulled or ripped in my left implant its still pretty sore my boob doesn't look any different but could I have ripped the pocket? Or just strained the muscle? I'm freaking out!

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Did I tear the pocket or just strained my muscle?

Thank you for your question. Although it's unlikely that any permanent damage occurred, it's important to contact your surgeon so that you can be examined.  Congratulations on your recent surgery.

Tearing pocket

Thank you for your question.  You are still healing and maturing your implant pocket 6 weeks following BA.  It's possible that you may have torn your scar pocket or strained your muscle.  Either one is ok as it will heal.  You may be sore for some time.  You may see some swelling which is normal.  I still recommend contacting your PS so an exam can be performed.  Continue to follow his/her recommendation. Best of luck.  

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