Steriod shot to soften/release scar tissue for lower lid retraction, now hollow eye. Did oculoplastic surgeon over inject?

I'm dealing with retraction of my right lower lid post blepharoplasty. After losing confidence in my original surgeon I sought out an oculoplastic surgeon for guidance. I was referred to this surgeon by several reputable facial plastic surgeons in my area. At 2 1/2 mths he gave me the option of a steroid shot to help soften the scar. The shots dissolved all of the fat under my eye, I look even worse! This is what he injected: 1 ML Kenolog 4K-ML mixed with 2 1/2 lidocaine. Was this too much? Sad.

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Lower eyelid retraction and steroid hollowness

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Sorry to hear about your experience.Your treatment will require a steady hand and considerable patience as the steroid may take a half year to have its full effects.  There are temporary solutions, but treatment will be difficult.You should find a surgeon with the patience and willingness to treat your long term for this problem.

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As I indicated before, the steroid injections are not magic bullets.

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If you have had fat atrophy, it is worth having saline injections to see if the remaining depot steroids can be diluted and washed out.  This is sometime associated with fat recovery.  You had a rough blepharoplasty and need surgical management.  It is a mistake to over treat the scars with steroids because of the potential to further damage the eyelid-too common.  Please consider posting a new photo.  I also think your upper eyelids need reconstruction.  Please understand that there are very few surgeons who really know how to perform aesthetic reconstructive surgery for blepharoplasty complications and this generally means traveling to see those surgeons.

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