Which procedure do I need to make my lower body look more youthful? (photos)

I don't want a bigger butt, but have indents on my hips which I was hoping to fill in order to lift my butt. Can I get read of banana roll at the same time?

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Which procedure do I need to make my lower body look more youthful?

Thank you for the question and photos. Based on your photos you would get a very nice improvement with VASER Hi Def Liposuction. This would give you a more hourglass figure and a more athletic and youthful contour. You do not have a lot of fat, and this operation is more a revealing procedure and not a debulking procedure for you. Sculpting of the abdomen, back, waist, hips and possible the outer thighs can be done with fat injection in the lateral buttocks for shaping. I would not do liposuction of the banana rolls, you already have some sagging of the lower buttocks, and it is easy to over suction this area leaving you with a saggy older looking buttock. You already have a long buttock crease, and if anything, I would fat graft the lateral-posterior thigh to shorten the crease, making it younger looking. See a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in advanced body sculpting techniques for an in person consultation/evaluation. Good luck.

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You can have some liposuction on the lower back and outer thighs area, to harvest some fat that can be use for filling the dents on the sides of the buttocks and a little on the upper pole of the buttock to give you a lift in that area. In the banana roll, the liposuction should be minimal so you do not lose the support to the lower pole of the buttock, the banana roll can improve a lot.

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