Why is there a large hump on the left side of my nose? (Photo)

I am 1 month post op from rhinoplasty to straighten nose, septum and remove jump on bridge. The results are horrible. I knew as soon as cast came off. Bridge still has hump yet cartilage was take down. I have a late hard bump on left side which was there as soon as cast came off and now looks worse as swelling has gone down around it. It is not swelling. My surgeon said he did not break my left side, only the right. Why would this bump be there? And can this be fixed?

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Rhinoplasty Dissatisfaction

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It appears your nose is still crooked.  You may benefit from a revision, but you'll need to wait.  Tradition dictates that revision rhinoplasty should wait a year, however, issues with the bridge can be addressed sooner. Discuss with your surgeon and get a few second opinions. 

Best of luck!

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Residual hump after rhinoplasty

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The bump may be a piece of a cartilage graft or a bone fragment. Difficult to say without being the actual surgeon who knows the details of the surgery. I would certainly share your concerns about a residual bump on the profile with your rhinoplasty surgeon. 

Michael T. Somenek, MD
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