My insurance approved for a panus removal i have lost 85 pounds and never thought i would have so much sagging?

I'm 35 have had 6kids my insurance had only approved a panus removal..would i benefit from this??I'm wondering after surgery and getting all that fat removed and your healed would you be able to continue working out to get more of the body your looking for?

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Hello and thank you for your question! Congrats on your weight loss that is fantastic! I always tell people looking for abdominoplasty after loosing a lot of weight that they should lose as much weight as they can lose in a healthy manner. Once they are at their lowest weight they feel they can maintain then they should prepare for surgery. Patients that get panniculectomies typically do so because of symptoms from having the overhanging skin. This issue here is, you have to understand what the difference is between a full tummy tuck and a panniculectomy because they are NOT the same thing!!! The panniculectomy is typically done for more functional reasons and a tummy tuck done for cosmetic reasons. This means that an abdominoplasty USUALLY will have a far superior cosmetic result when compared to panniculectomy. There are a lot of factors that have to be looked at before determining whether you are a candidate for a full abdominoplasty but I think you should at least research that option, be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon, understand the differences between a pannuculectomy and full abdominoplasty and then see what the recs are. Hope this helps!

Ankur Mehta MD 

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My insurance approved for a panus removal i have lost 85 pounds and never thought i would have so much sagging?

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Thank you for your pictures and questions. It would take an in-person consultation or at least better pictures to give you an accurate idea of what would be best for you. Often with patients who lose large amounts of weight, the skin excess is not only in the lower pannus but also on the upper abdomen, flanks, and other areas. What you need to understand about an insurance covered panniculectomy, is that this only addresses the area that hangs over the waistline....nothing else. So your flanks, hips, back, and most importantly, upper abdomen will not be improved and you can also possibly lose your umbilicus in the process. 

Unfortunately most people who undergo an insurance-approved panniculectomy do get some improvement in rashes or other skin problems, but are often very displeased with the overall cosmetic result as this is not a cosmetic operation. I would advise talking with a board certified plastic surgeon who works with massive weight loss patients to discuss all the options and perhaps what additional cosmetic options might be available to you to reach your specific goals.

Best of luck!

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