What causes implants to "bottom out" and where are revision scars placed? "Frankenbreasts" for only $17K after travel, etc.

More including time from work. replaced 27yr old implants and got a lollipop lift. I live in Wa. MD did such a great job before so I went back to him in CA. Both sides from armpit to last rib in burning pain 24/7.implants had bottomed out. revision=huge incisions under breasts though told there would be no new ones. never healed properly/faded. had a scar revision locally. New MD said breasts are uneven. 8 weeks since scar revision-reacting to the suture material. Feedback?

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Bottoming out

can occur with excessive pocket dissection inferior and huge implants due to the weight issue.  Scars are individualized according to the procedure being done and if using a mastopexy to achieve correction, long scars can result.  But since this is 'water under the bridge', you are best served by focusing on trying to improve the results that you have.  Without photos, its impossible to corroborate your PS's opinion that they are 'off'.  The lesson here is that just because everything went great the first time doesn't guarantee that it will the second time and in general, its always easier to use a local surgeon.

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What causes implants to "bottom out" and where are revision scars placed? "Frankenbreasts" for only $17K after travel, etc.

Thank you for your question. Without pictures, it is hard to give you any specific advice regarding your case. Implant bottoming out can be as a result of surgical technique, pre-op anatomical differences, postop recovery and activity, and a host of other factors. It can be very difficult to fix and may require a revision with additional soft tissue reinforcement, especially in people with larger implants. Your case sounds complex enough that no online forum is going to give you the answers you need. Only an exam and discussion with a board certified plastic surgeon is going to adequately give you the information you need to make the best decision for you.Best of luck!

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