Horizontal crease under my nose when I smile after rhinoplasty?

After my rhinoplasty a horizontal crease appeared under my nose when I smile. Any doctor out there who had successful results of fixing this in a secondary rhinoplasty? I heard it cannot be fixed, but I also heard it is possible. I am confused. Who had success with this specific problem? I cannot find information or before and after picture about this on plastic surgeon's websites. I am not happy with the shape of my nose either. The bridge needs to built up and the projection has to be changed.

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Recommend Following up with your surgeon

This horizontal crease can often go away on its own up to 1 year after surgery as the swelling comes down.  I recommend you following up with your surgeon to discuss your healing process.  If it continues after 1 year, your surgeon may choose to perform a minor procedure to try and correct this.  

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