Experienced melasma dermatologists/surgeons - can anyone recommend something for me?

I have seen 4 different dermatologists regarding melasma, They all prescribed a cream to apply it on the dark patches above the cheeks on both sides I have not seen any results I am tired of This I am not sure what to do now Can any doctor or dermatologist or plastic surgeon recommend something for me I am really tired of trying creams that are not working .. Does plastic surgery remove melasma ?

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Hi , Before treating melasma, it is more important to check  whether it is superficial or dermal melasma. There are chemical peels exclusively available to treat both. These peels should be done under medical supervision. Since this is a long term process, stick to your doctor who treat you.  Remember, the triggering factor for melasma is UV rays, hence protect your skin with a sunblock cream to avoid further darkening of skin.  

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