Who is up for a challenge? MTF transgender born with a cleft palate looking for the best rhinoplasty specialist anywhere!

I would like my nose narrowed, nostrils brought in, tip raised and as symmetrical and feminine as possible. Due to extreme gender dysphoria issues I didn't care about looks before because I didn't expect to live long. Now having embarked on transitioning and in a much better place it's time to actually care about appearances. I have had no cosmetic surgery but did have deviated septum fixed for a nasal drip issue. Who would you recommend for this difficult but transformative task? Thank you!

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Up for a challenge?

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Hi Tamaraxp, thanks for your question.  You've probably researched this topic and realize the added complexity involved in your situation.  My recommendation would be for you to interview several experienced rhinoplasty specialists, particularly those with experience in cleft rhinoplasty.  You should ask to see pre/post pictures and have your surgeon clearly explain to you how they would approach your case.  Best of luck!   

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Thank you for the question and what surgeon could do the best job for you is hypothetical at best, but go on several consults with experts and compare photos and fees and find your surgeon.

Dr. Corbin

Rhinoplasty for cleft lip/ cleft palate

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  When patient's have a cleft lip and  a cleft palate, it makes the rhinoplasty procedure very challenging. It's important to have realistic expectations about what can be accomplished. Having had a previous septoplasty will complicate the procedure even more,  because cartilage grafts are required to help make the nose look more symmetrical.

Feminizing rhinoplasty

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Hello. It would be most helpful to see a picture of your face prior to giving you some recommendations. But in general, most of the changes you want made to your nose are reasonable, and should help feminize your nose tremendously. Good luck!

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