Is this a birth mark? Any idea what caused it ? (Photo)

Always been told this was a birthmark , 26 now and it's looked the same always. It's perfectly symmetrical in the middle of my body perfectly . This spot is about dime sized , slightly red , indented about 2-3 mm at the furthest depth in the very center and has a smaller deeper point in the very middle . There also seems to be a vertical crack or seperation behind it on my sternum if you press that starts at the circle and goes up about to inches to where the bones start . Thanks for the help -

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Is this a birth mark? Any idea what caused it

Thank you for your question.  A biopsy would diagnosis the lesion.  It is very easy to remove with minimal scar. COnsult with a board certified plastic surgein or dermatologust.  Best Wieshes. 

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Cosmetic mole removal

If you are concerned about a mole, or it has symptoms like itching, burning, pain or bleeding, please do not hesitate and have it removed. Please go to a cosmetic dermatologist with experience in mole removal and lasers so you can limit the scarring. Best, Dr. Emer.

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