Should I get 475 cc implants or 500 cc? Breast implants without lift. (photos)

I am scheduled to have a breast augmentation done in one week and I'm still undecided what size to go. I'm not getting a lift with the implants, so I want them to be as lifted as possible without one. I am 5'7 and about 135 pounds. My current bra size is 34C.

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Breast Implants Without Lift?

You should be very clear with the understanding that implants do not lift your breast. An implant can give the illusion of a lift by filling your breast out and possibly rotating your nipple upwards a bit, but this is not at all like having a lift. It appears that you can get away with just an implant, but your breast will sit lower on your chest wall and you may not get the fulness in your upper breast that you anticipate.

There are many ways to go about selecting an implant size. This can include dimensional planning, reviewing photographs of desired result and of patients with a similar body size/shape, trying on various implant sizes with an implant in a bra on top of your breast, and computer imaging of anticipated breast changes with various implant sizes or shapes. NONE of these processes is perfect, and none of them will predict exactly what your breasts will look like. Most surgeons will use one or more of the above procedures to help you arrive at a good choice of implant.

It is a bit late in the game to still be unsettled about implant size. Many women agonize over this, and it is certainly an important part of having a breast augmentation, but in many respects it may be less important than implant type or profile, positioning underneath or on top of the muscle, and careful surgical planning with precise technical execution in terms of getting a good quality result. In the implant sizes you are looking at, the 25 cc difference will almost be imperceptible. So try not to stress too much over this and possibly ask your surgeon what they might recommend. 

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Breast implants

Thank you for your question and photo.  If there is any doubt surrounding which implant size would be best for you, I suggest that you ask you surgeon to "try them on" in his or her office.  You will likely notice that a 25 cc's difference is negligent. 

All the best,

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Breast Augmentation

Hello and thank you for reaching out. I would suggest if there is any confusion about what results your breast augmentation will give you, that you meet with your surgeon prior to your surgery, just to make sure you are on the same page. An augmentation is not to be confused with a lift, as it takes what tissue you have and increases the volume. If you feel as if you need a lift, please consult with your surgeon about those options. Placing implants on breasts that could benefit from a lift, may only make the breasts fall on the chest wall. As far as the difference in the 2 implant sizes, 25cc will not make a huge difference, but also something to review with your surgeon. Best Wishes.


 Determining your ideal implant size is often a challenging experience. There is very little difference between 475 and 500 mL. The difference is almost in perceptible once the surgery is complete.Good luck in your upcoming surgery. 

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Should I get 475 cc implants or 500 cc? Breast implants without lift.

Thank you for your question and picture. Happy for you that you have scheduled surgery and I hope you will be pleased with your results. In the end, I would encourage you to not stress too much about a size difference between 475 cc and 500 cc. This difference is 25cc, which is less than one ounce of fluid. In other words, the 25 cc difference is only 5% of the volume of a 500 cc implant, so not really a recognizable difference for that volume. Now if you were deciding between a 125 cc implant and a 150 cc implant, it might be different. Choose either one and I am sure you will be pleased with the outcome.

Best of luck!

Dallas Buchanan, MD
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Should I get 475 cc implants or 500 cc? Breast implants without lift.

The difference between the two visibly is incremental. Either or seems like a good option. Implants will not lift your breasts however, based on your photos an augmentation alone will give you a great outcome. 


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Should I get 475 cc implants or 500 cc? Breast implants without lift.

This is probably the most common question asked by my cosmetic breast patients with any droopiness or ptosis of their breasts. There is no absolute or correct answer. It depends on your (the patient's) expectations and desires. Just remember the implant needs to be centered directly behind the nipple, so wherever your breasts/nipple sit currently this is approximately where you can expect the implant to be positioned/settle. Breast implants alone simply add volume to your breasts. They do not lift or shape your breasts. If you are happy with the look of your breasts and just want them to be a bit fuller then a breast augmentation alone may work. In my practice, my patient's generally expect superior pole fullness/cleavage and a youthful, perky breast appearance without wearing a push-up bra so I tend to offer more lifts. Most of these patients are initially hesitant about the scarring, when in fact they should be more concerned about breast shape, contour and nipple position. I educated them that scars mature and fade over 6-12 months, when breast shape, contour and nipple position generally don't improve and, may in fact, worsen over time. In my experience you could certainly have an augmentation alone and end up with a "natural" or "matronly" result. You may be perfectly happy and satisfied with your result. However, many of my patients who chose this route then will come back with a horizontal tan line across their chests (above the top of their implants) from a sundress or tube top, asking why when they wear a sundress or top without a bra, their breasts sit low, or do not have superior fullness. I re-explain that the implant must be centered behind their nipple and that generating this superior fullness would require a larger implant combined with a lift. Some elect to have the lift, and others chose to push their breasts up in a bra to generate superior fullness and cleavage. Finally, attempting to avoid a lift by using an extremely large, high or extra high profile implant is a nothing more than a short term Band-Aid, and does not address the root cause/problem (i.e. stretched/lax and excess skin/tissue). This does nothing but postpones the lift for a short period of time and will only lead to further tissue stretch and thinning requiring an even larger lift to fix. Ultimately, this approach generates a much more complex (and expensive) surgical problem just months to a few short years down the road, so I never encourage patients to go with this approach. Some of you may then ask why some surgeons you've seen offer this approach to droopy breasts, typically without discussing the other abovementioned options and each options pros and cons. The truth is that it's far easier and quicker for a surgeon to place a large implant without regard for the durability, or lack thereof, than perform a more technically challenging, and longer, lift procedure.

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Should I get 475 cc implants or 500 cc? Breast implants without lift.

25cc is insignificant at the volume implants you are interested in.  Implants do not lift but judging by the photo I think you will do fine with implants alone.  Best of luck.

Ralph R. Garramone, MD
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No difference between 475 and 500 ccs

There is no visible difference between these two sizes as long as they are in the same profile family. Also, neither will lift the nipple but yours look fine without a lift.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Should I get 475 cc implants or 500 cc? Breast implants without lift.

With that size implant, you will not be able to tell the difference between the two either in or out of clothing. But most patients say they feel they could have gone bigger so for that reason you may want the 500s just so you know you "went bigger".

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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