Vancouver Botox Doctor Recommendations

Can anybody recommend to me a Botox provider in Vancouver, B.C., Canada who is willing to give a flat rate for the year and then provide me with good results? I don't want to go away feeling sick to my stomach that I just purchased something that may not really be Botox.   Any suggestions I would be very grateful for.

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Botox doctor in Vancouver BC

I highly recommend either Dr Jean or Alistair Corruthers in Vancouver. They are very well know and have pioneered much of the original work on Botox. I have no idea about whether they will offer a flat rate for the year but you can ask.

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Vancouver Botox Doctor Recommendations

There are a number of qualified injectors in Vancouver. Dr. Nancy Van Laeken is a possibility.  Many also travel from Vancouver to Seattle. 

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Botox in Vancouver

Dear Artcandy,

I don't think you will find anyone who will give you a flat rate for the year, however I would recommend the Carruthers. They are immensely talented cosmetic physicians and respected around the world. At least you'll know you are getting the real thing even if they are unable to offer a flat rate.

Good luck,
Dr. Mariwalla

Kavita Mariwalla, MD
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