Wrong tray in and now don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

I started invisalign 4 days ago. They put a tray in & gave me my first 5 trays to take home in bags. The tray hurt a lot- no sleeping or eating & could not remove it at all. Today I finally got the tray out. I noticed via the bags i was given that the dentist put tray 5 on me instead of tray 1. Now tray 1 hurts, 2-3 lare ok and I'm scared to put 4 or 5 in, in case it gets stuck. Plus 5 got banged up when I pried it off. Dentist is closed for 3 more days. Which tray should I try to put back in?

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Wrong tray in Invisalign

You should absolutely go back to tray 1 and wear it for as long as needed until it doesn’t hurt. You then progress in numbers according to the schedule your dentist gave you. You can check with your dentist to see if tray 5 got distorted and needs to be replaced. 

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