Going on 4 weeks post op. What's up with this areola? (Photos)

One areaol healed round, soft and flat. The other hasn't been slow to heal, feels hatd, and is indented in areas. Looks strange. Wondering what This could be?

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Thanks for your question which is best addressed by your PS. There are some irregularities and over the coming months this will settle significantly. You will need advice on massage and scar management in the coming weeks but your PS is best placed to give this. 

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Going on 4 weeks post op. What's up with this areola?

Still ongoing.....have answered this question a few times now.....I think it is safe to say at this point, if you remain concerned, you need to be seen by your PS for an exam and a discussion of the issue. No person on here is going to be able to give you an answer that satisfies because we were not there at the operation and we do not know exactly what was done and what could be causing your problem. Discuss with your surgeon and follow his or her advice on how to proceed. 

Good luck!

4 Weeks Post Op

Thank you for your question. Any Abnormal swelling is a concern. You should see your surgeon for an examine as soon as possible. 

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