Cocaine usage - I have my breast aug and rhinoplasty surgery on sept 8th.

I am a frequent user of cocaine will this effect my surgery. I can stop As of today but will 18 days be enough time?

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Frequent user of cocaine

Thank you for your question.  I strongly advise that you discuss your usage of cocaine with your surgeon and anesthesiologist before proceeding with a surgical procedure.  Your overall health is of most importance.  Good luck.

Cocaine use

You need to inform your surgeon and the anesthesiologist of your use.  It can not only negatively impact the surgery, it can threaten your life.  It is important to disclose all medications, supplements and drug use with your surgical team.  It is for your safety.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Cocaine usage

Aside from the fact that the side effects of Cocaine and surgery together can be life threatening, it will also cause the inside of the nasal tissues to die and the nose to collapse. You are not a candidate for any type of cosmetic surgery until you can get clean and stay clean. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Cocaine usage - I have my breast aug and rhinoplasty surgery on sept 8t

You should let your chosen surgeon know this information immediately and do not proceed without telling him or her first. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Cocaine Use

Thank you for your question. Cocaine use could negatively affect blood flow, your ability to heal as well as your safety while under anaesthetic. 18 days would not likely be sufficient time to reduce your risks. I recommend that you tell your Plastic Surgeon immediately and do not proceed with surgery at this time.
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Cocaine usage - I have my breast aug and rhinoplasty surgery on sept 8th.

It's very important that you communicate your cocaine use with your surgeon and the anesthesiologist. Unsafe issues with blood pressure can occur during the surgery. I would not recommend undergoing surgery.

Cocaine usage - I have my breast aug and rhinoplasty surgery on sept 8th.

I would VERY STRONGLY recommend that you not proceed with your surgery due to the recent cocaine use. In my practice I would ask that you be off of the drug for AT LEAST 1 month, otherwise, you can have potentially dangerous (life-threatening) issues arise around the time of surgery.  It's very important to discuss your history honestly with your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Best wishes.

Cocaine usage and surgery- any issues?

Yes, there are many issues.  Cocaine will affect the management of one's blood pressure during surgery.  You should be honest with your surgeon and let them know of your use.  You are trusting your surgeon with your life and holding back this information could be catastrophic.

David J. Wages, MD
Peabody Plastic Surgeon
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