What's the best treatment for my gummy smile? (Photo)

I asked my dentist before about my gummy smile he said laser removal or surgery can be done to treat it. However I'm not sure is laser removal can make a lot of difference since the gums cannot be removed a lot. I'm wondering if my condition is about the bones or laser will do the trick? If surgery is required is it a really big process and how much time is required to heal? Thanks!

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Jaw surgery

Laser treatment is limited. Jaw surgery should be performed. The procedure is 1 hour long. However, you would need to have braces first. 

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2 options

There is surgical procedure, that its reducing the maxillary bone, this can reduce the height, of the gums, and they would look more even, and natural. It takes time to recover, but the results are great and in case you do not want a big surgical procedure, there are also some aesthetical procedures that can be done on your upper teeth, to make them look more apical and it can be done with porcelain veneers and gum contouring. Hope this helps.

Gummy Smile

Based on your photograph - you have what is called Vertical Maxillary Excess (VME).  Your top jaw is larger, and has grown further down than it should have, thus making you show excess gum when you smile. 

the definitive treatment for this is to have a surgical procedure to 'impact' your top jaw - basically cut away the excess bone and re position the upper jaw to its ideal place.  It is a rather stable procedure and will resolve the 'gummy smile' that you have.  

I would not waste your time exploring botox or lip surgery or gingivectomy, as these will not address the underlying problem - which is the excess in bone growth for the upper jaw (maxilla). 

You will need to see an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who will do this - but you will need braces on first.  

Shervin Abbaszadeh, DDS
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Botox is the simplest treatment for Gummy Smiles

There are several options, but botox would be the fastest, most comfortable and most minimal treatment.  This inhibits the muscle that pulls up the lip and can be dosed to inhibit a LITTLE or a LOT.  It wears off in 3-4 months, so if you don't like it, just leave it alone and it will go back to normal. 

You COULD do a lip tack surgery, making the lip stay put, but it is unpredictable (works great for some, not so much on others).  Laser gingivectomy would help, but usually only 1-2 mm each tooth.  Then there is the Lefort surgery, which raises the bone up, as much as 5-10 mm.  This is very tricky and not all oral surgeons do this (will take some homework).

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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