Is There Any Treatment That Can Help with Iatrogenic Botulism and Paralysis from Allergan Botox Cosmetic Injections? (photo)

I have been diagnosed with iatrogenic botulism from a team of physicians and an expert neurologist. Once completely healthy and fit and loving life, I am now confined to my wheelchair and a bed, requiring full time care. It has been 17 months since my last Botox injection and I have not recovered. There have been approximately 15,000 serious adverse events to Allergan Botox reported to the FDA since 2004. Do any physicians know any treatment that could help me?

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Sorry to hear you're confined to a wheelchair 17 mos. after Botox Cosmetic.

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I discussed your question with two senior colleagues before composing this response. In our practice, after well over 1000 treatments with Allergan Botox Cosmetic, the worst adverse reaction we've seen is temporary upper eyelid ptosis lasting less than 6 weeks (droopy eye lid). We have never seen the effect of Botox Cosmetic last for longer than 7 months, and most of our patients experience 3-4 months of localized-facial-muscle weakening and wrinkle reduction.

There were cases of botulism caused by "laboratory grade" botulinum toxin in Florida many years ago. Are you certain you received Botox Cosmetic? Even the patients with botulism from bogus botox eventually got better since the effects of botulinum toxin are temporary.

You may benefit from another neurology consultation.

Please keep us posted with your progress.

I wish you well.

Dr. Joseph

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