What is the Best Option for my Crooked Teeth?

I have one crooked tooth on my top jaw that I am very self conscious about.. I also have a missing tooth that has been replaced with a partial denture due to my age. Now that I am 19 I am able to get an implant or bridge, which I am also unsure about. My bottom teeth are a little crowded in which I would like to be straightened out. I do not have much coverage due to my job and age and am looking for the cheapest route possible! Invisalign, veneers, bridge or implant? Which are the best options?

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Take your time to treat

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I would not recommend rushing into treatment if your only options are doing the "quickest and cheapest" treatment.  You want to treat your teeth with a more ideal treatment.  You are only 19 years old and want to do what is best for your oral health.  If the current situation is not harming you and there is no clinical indication to take action at this time.  I recommend you take your time to do the proper treatment when you have the means to do it.

The best advise I can give you is to go and see a dentist you trust and have a comprehensive evaluation/exam completed.  This would include all the necessary Xrays, models made of your teeth and exam.  By gathering all this data, the dentist can then sit down and come up with a treatment plan for you.  You can determine the cost and work towards the ideal treatment.

Invisalign, traditional braces and veneers are all options to correct the crooked teeth and crowding.  I typically recommmend the more conservative treatment.  If the teeth are in good condition and you are happy with the esthetics of the tooth, you may want to consider traditional braces or invisalign (if you are a candidate).  If you are unhappy with the esthetics, ie:shade, shape, etc of the tooth  veneers may also be the proper treatment.  I generally try to avoid porcelain veneers if not needed because this procedure entails grinding of the actual tooth.  More specifically, patients of your age should definitely consider the more conservative treatment plans so that you preserve more of the tooth structure.

As far as treating the missing tooth, an implant will be the ideal treatment. However, this is not the fastest or the cheapest treatment option.  Getting a bridge would be faster and less expensive.  Unfortunately, a bridge requires grinding on the two teeth next to the missing space.  If these teeth are healthy teeth that do not require treatment, I do not recommend the bridge.  However, it is very important that you do restore the missing space as soon as possible. 

You have the rest of your life to live with these teeth and the treatment, make sure it is the right one!!




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Best Option foe Crooked Teeth

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First of all, without seeing photos, X-rays and models, your question cannot be answered. Secondly, the "BEST" option will definitely NOT BE THE CHEAPEST! "Best" and "cheap" does not happen.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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