Strange coloured discharge from left breast after recent mastopexy. Doing well otherwise. (Photo)

Had L balancing mastopexy June 20, 2016 along with some work on R breast (created from DIEPMarch 2015). There is a wee bit of quite bright yellow discharge along with a few tiny dots of extremely green stuff oozing from 2 areas below the nipple. I cleaned it up with a bit of rubbing alcohol. I think my breaststroke are healing nicely but I've never seen this colour of discharge. Should I be concerned? I left a message with my surgeon's office 2 days ago.

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Need to have this checked out

It’s unusual that they haven’t returned your call after 2 days. Please try again and keep trying until they get back to you, as this should be examined by your surgeon. Please see your family physician if you can’t get in touch with your surgeon.

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Why isn't your surgeon's office calling you?

When you have a concern and contact the surgeon's office, they should have called you back the same day.  And if not, then you should have called again.  Surgeons are required by law to be accessible to their patients.  As for your drainage, if you have implants, it would be more concerning.  If no implants and no spreading redness, its most likely serum leaking from a still open wound and this should heal with good wound care.  But if this is new for you as it sounds, you should let your surgeon know and if anything worsens, you need to be seen.

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Strange coloured discharge from left breast after recent mastopexy. Doing well otherwise.

Thank you for your question. A picture of your incision would have helped more than a picture of the drainage. However, I always encourage patients that if there are concerns about the surgical site or drainage from the incision, you should call your surgeon's office. And it should not be to leave a message, there should be someone on call that you can talk to and address your concerns right away. If your surgeon cannot evaluate you, you may need to be seen by your primary doctor or even an emergency room doctor if you feel there is a problem.

Good luck!

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