What sort of doctor would be qualified to perform an osteotomy for the delayed repair of a ZMC fracture?

I suffered a ZMC fracture around 2 years ago and am wondering what sort of doctor would be the right doctor to repair this with an osteotomy? A maxillofacial surgeon? A craniofacial surgeon? A plastic surgeon? I am wanting to find the right person for the job but need to make sure I am looking in the right places. Thanks so much!

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ZMC fracture

First, sorry to hear about your facial trauma.  These can be difficult to fix after they have healed into a poor position.

At this point, I would recommend a craniofacial or maxillofacial surgery who has a depth of trauma experience.  These two types of surgeons get more training with bony work during residency and fellowship and are likely more comfortable with osteotomies and fractures.

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