Post-rhinoplasty trauma to cartilage caused cartilage growth

I'm 44 now. I broke my nose when I was 6, and when I was 15 I got it fixed. That year, I sqeezed the right side of my nose a lot because of a pimple, and it caused the cartilage on that side to grow. When I was 30, I rubbed the bottom of my nose a lot because of a cold, and it caused the cartilage at the bottom to grow. Can I get revision rhinoplasty to fix these 2 growths, or will it further weaken my nasal tip? Thank you so much for your answer.

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Post Rhinoplaasty Trauma

A revision procedure can be done to correct cartilage irregularities without weakening your nasal tip . A picture would be help me provide more specific recommendations or you can consult with a rhinoplasty specialist.

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