Periodontitis, should I keep some or extract all teeth for implant?

I only have 9 teeth on upper and 6 teeth on lower with dentures. flied to Costa rica for all on 6 full dental implant appointment, upper and lower. The lower is just fine. When came to upper, the dentist decided to keep 5 teeth and do a partial fixed bridge. Since I worried about the life of remain teeth due to periodontitis, I am not sure it is wiser to keep 5 teeth for a partial bridge or just extract then all for a full bridge?

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Talk to your dentist

If you've dealt with gum disease in the past, and are concerned about future issues, it might not be wise to anchor a long span upper fixed partial bridge to compromised teeth. If the foundation is not rock solid, the bridge will only put more stress on the weak 5 teeth. 

A full gum assessment is really necessary to evaluate the health of the remaining teeth, but in our practice we are not very keen on long span bridges in any case, let alone in periodontally compromised teeth...

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