Breast augmentation: Is it normal to have anatomic implants inserted upside down to lift the areola? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation done with anatomic textured implants, Mentor CPG 555cc per side. The surgeon inserted the implants upside down because he said it would raise my areola. The opposite of what I was expecting has happened. My areola has been severely pushed down. I have roundness at the top and the areola pointing down. Why has the areola been pushed down so much? Is this normal? How can this be corrected?

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Doing such 'off label' maneuvers

should have been cleared by you and had your consent.  If you were promised it would make your nipple project more and it didn't, your surgeon should bear the burden of getting this corrected for you.  So review your discussions and if this wasn't consented to by you or you were promised a certain outcome by flipping it over, you have a very good case for your surgeon having the obligation to fix it.  

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Upside down.

Wow! Anatomic breast implants offer excellent results, but they are not designed to be placed upside down. They are also not a substitute for a breast lift when one is required. I suggest you seek a second opinion and have the operative report for your operation reviewed by a qualified surgeon to confirm your suspicion of an upside down implant position. Good luck, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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Breast augmentation: Is it normal to have anatomic implants inserted upside down to lift the areola?

No, the anatomic implant is designed to emphasize the breast below the nipple and project the nipple forward. Correction will require a surgical revision. Look up snoopy deformity which is what you describe in your question.

Breast augmentation: Is it normal to have anatomic implants inserted upside down to lift the areola?

I can understand why you be perplexed.  In my practice, I rarely find the need  to use "anatomic" breast implants.  I am not aware of  surgeons using them "upside down".  You may wish to seek a second opinion in-person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in your area.    Best wishes.

You need a lift when you need a lift, implants won't do it

I am not aware that this is a usual and customary way to place anatomical implants. Please seek other local in person consults for opinions and please be sure you went to a real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as there are many pretenders out there.

Not acceptable

There are times when anatomical implants can help unusual anatomical situations.  Yours does not appear to be one of those.  Get another opinion from someone well respected.  

Richard Zienowicz, MD
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Positioning of breast implants

Whether or not the positioning of your existing implants was customary or not, there are issues with your breasts that could be improved.

A very experienced board certified plastic surgeon would be best to consult to see what your best options are for making your appearance its very best.  

Brent Moelleken, MD
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