How long post breast augmentation will I feel mild aches and pains?

I'm 13 days post op 400cc under the muscle, inframamary incision. I've had little to no pain at all other than some obvious toughness, a little bruising, and muscle soreness until yesterday. Since surgery I haven't had any feeling in my right nipple and some of the surrounding area. I don't know if it's because of the nerves and such but my right breast feels a little bit tighter and achy sometimes. It looks completely fine and the incision looks great Is this normal or should I be concerned?

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Post Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Thank you for the question.You are still in the post operation recovery stage.It is not uncommon to feel pain, itchiness, and slight abnormalities during this period.It usually takes about 8-12 weeks for the wounds to heal and around 4-6 months for the implants to fully settle.It would be best to visit your board-certified plastic surgeon and get a full assessment if you have concerns.  Best of luck. Dr. Michael Omidi.

An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to assess your needs and provide true medical advice.

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Breast discomfort

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Breast pain is not unusual after surgery and can last up to a few months.  It usually fades in its intensity and frequency as you get further out from surgery.  I would listen to your body and if certain activities hurt cut back in them.  If pain seems to be getting worse with time you should follow up with you r surgeon for an exam

Good Luck

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Discomfort Following Breast Augmentation.

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Discomfort two weeks following augmentation is normal.  It usually take several months for this to resolve completely.  Temporary numbness or hypersensitivity is common as well and generally this will return to normal with time.   

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information. You can feel uncomfortable after a breast augmentation surgery as long as two months after surgery.. it is normal, implants are setting in

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How long post breast augmentation will I feel mild aches

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Discomfort following breast augmentation can sometimes last as long two months or longer. There are many phases to healing in the process tends to take 3 to 5 months for most changes. Some exam pains may come and go during the different phases. Fortunately, in almost all cases, discomforts subside.

Recovery after breast augmentation

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In most patients tightness, pressure and pain resolves around 2 weeks, soreness with use can last 8-12 weeks. By 3 months most are discomfort free. Everyone's pain tolerance and perception varies so of course there are people without pain 2 days after and some where soreness and pain can linger longer. 

How long post breast augmentation will I feel mild aches and pains?

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Congratulations on having undergone breast augmentation surgery. What you are describing sounds like normal recovery but it is always best to run these type of postoperative care instruction questions by your plastic surgeon who knows your history and is ultimately responsible for your care. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

How long post breast augmentation will I feel mild aches and pains?

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It is normal to experience discomfort for up to a few months to even longer in some cases. It is normal to also have little to no sensation or hypersensitivity following surgery as well. Nerve pain typically comes and goes, and commonly described as sharp shooting pains. I would not be concerned with the discomfort you are experiencing, from what you described the symptoms are normal and will subside with time as your healing progresses.

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How long post breast augmentation will I feel mild aches and pains?

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Thank you for your question.  This can vary from patient to patient, but in general I think it takes anyway from 2-3 months for most of the minor aches and pains to resolve.  Changes in nipple sensation are very common, and most of them should resolve with time.  Be sure to bring up any questions you have at each of your post-operative visits.  Best of luck in your healing process!

How long post breast augmentation will I feel mild aches and pains?

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What you are describing is a very normal course after breast augmentation. It is not uncommon to have some changes in nipple sensitivity.  That is usually better by 6 weeks but can take up to 12 weeks.  I find that post operative massages are helpful for this and that is something I would ask your plastic surgeon about. With larger implants (medically defined as 400 ccs and above), sometimes there is more of a sense of tightness, and it can take a bit longer for the implant to to settle into position.  In my practice, this is where I find that the post operative displacement exercises can be quite helpful for all your symptoms. I hope this helps!

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