Long face syndrome, should I tell the orthodontist? I've had braces already, but I have jaw problems. Will I need jaw surgery?

I think I have long face syndrome, since I have a gummy smile, lip incompetence, a receded chin, narrow nasal airways (I always wake up with dry mouth & my nose whistles when I nose-breathe), & TMJ issues. My TMJ pops loudly. Lots of pain, too. Should I tell my orthodontist about these "cosmetic" issues? Since most of these problems have to do with appearance, I feel like complaining is considered narcissistic. I have an appointment soon. Should I tell him about all these problems or not?

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Facial shape and orthodontics

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Absolutely, you have to communicate what "YOU" want in the treatment. Most issues can be solved or addressed in some fashion. The goal of orthodontics and perhaps orthognathic surgery is to balance the 'inside bite' and the 'outside appearance'. They go hand in hand in the proper plan

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