Is this infected and on its way to becoming separated? How to I dress this? (Photos)

I saw my PS a couple days ago and my right breast was a bit red and she prescribed me antibiotics for 5 days to ward off any impending infection. But it has got much worse! Will this become a wound separation? And how do I dress this type of infection?

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Breast Infection

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If you have an implant under that infected incision, there is a high probability that it is compromised (contaminated with bacteria, which will lead to an unstoppable infection.)  You should have a serious discussion with your surgeon about minimizing the damage to your breast if the implant is infected; antibiotics will not help, only implant removal (both should be removed actually). Don't delay. 

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Wound separation

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It appears that area is opening, and there are a few reasons for that, including infection, or some tissue present that doesn't have good blood supply. That wound needs the attention of your plastic surgeon who should be the one to instruct  you on caring for it.

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Is this infected and on its way to becoming separated? How to I dress this?

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Thank you for your pictures and questions. It appears that there has been an area of poor healing that is likely going to result in an open wound. You need to discuss this with your plastic surgeon and follow his or her instructions on how to care for the area. I usually suggest that patients clean the area gently with soap and water and apply antibiotic ointment and a bandage daily. Also, if it is in an area of tension (as this is), it may be helpful to apply some creative taping to offload tension on the incision.

Hope this helps!

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