I believe I have CTE. Should I be hopeful that my shed has been fluctuating greatly over the last 4 months?

No AGA in family, my mom and grandma have a full head of hair. Born with fine, thin hair. LoLoestrin caused first shed in December 2014, lasted 6 weeks. Second shed started September 2015 300~ hairs lost a day until November 2015, then down to 150~. Shed has fluctuated since March. Some weeks no shedding, some weeks more. Now shedding ONLY pigmented intermediate hairs/regrowth. Hardest hit: temples and nape. NP noted healthy follicles, no inflammation, regrowing hair. Beau's lines on nails.

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Chronic Telogen Effrluvium

This is a disease of hair cycling and you have to wait until the telogen cycle passes into anagen. This can take 6-12 months. Patients is a virtue here 

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It's not possible to say without more information and seeing the scalp up close.

CTE always shows healthy follicles, no inflammation and regrowing hair - but it can go on for years despite this.  I'm a big believe in differentiating between multiple back to back cycles of acute telogen effluvium ("TE") vs true CTE.  Genetic hair loss often goes misdiagnosed in women and presents with shedding. Family history does not matter much in women, at least not nearly to the same degree as in men. 

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