Facial swelling after more than 3 weeks of fraxel treatment. Is it possible that my response time is longer than others?

I got a large patch of hyperpigmentation from acne also sun damage on my forehead. It is very brown and red before the treatment. After 2 treatments of fraxel, the doctor said he wants to go deeper to help the deeper skin rebuild its collagen. However,, for the next 3 weeks after the 3rd treatment my skin is quite normal and doesnt even swelling. Its just darker than before. However, after 3 weeks my skin starts to exfoliate. Dirty skin comes off. But it swelling a lot and it turns very red .

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Lasers can cause swelling, fraxel typically even at high settings / density causes swelling only for a few weeks.  I suggest seeing an expert, combining with microneedling/PRP and considering an alternative approach for hyperpigmentation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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