What to do with excess/stretched skin in middle of face at age 27?

I suddenly developed sever water retention & after sudden loss of this volume, I have left with loose tissue/skin in midface. it looks like wearing xl shirt while your size is xs. tried fillers & no help. I can grab the tissue in my cheek & pull it away from my face.

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Loose skin in 27 year old

It is unususal for you to have skin which is poorly elastic skin which does not contract after a short period of fluid retention.. An evaluation  by a plastic surgeon would be appropriate to determine if you are an candidate for a filling or lifting procedure or both. Patients with acne scarring often have poorly eleastic skin even at a young age.

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Loose midface skin

Thanks for your question. It would be very important to have a look at your photos. Better yet have an in person consultation with a plastic surgeon . This way both surgical and non surgical options can be discussed. Keep in mind not all problems can be completely solved but often a combination of treatments to the skin and underlying tissues can help. 

Good Luck

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Loose Skin On Face

I suggest a formal consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon who specializes in facial fillers and rejuvenation.  It is likely you may need more large volume filling with fat transfer or longer term fillers like sculptra, bellafill or radiesse.  Skin tightening with thermage, ultherapy, venus legacy may also help.  Please get a formal consultation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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