Is there any evidence to suggest that Monalisa Touch can alter the PH and potentially clear up chronic vaginal yeast infection?

I developed my first yeast infection since hitting menopause. It has been 9 months and nothing seems to help .

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The MonaLisa Touch laser and vaginal yeast infections.

The MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser will increase blood flow and stimulate collagen growth resulting in thicker vaginal tissue and moisture. For vaginal yeast infections please see a gynecologist. Since it hasn't resolved in 9 months it's quite possible it's something else. Laser treatments are NOT indicated for the treatment of yeast infections.

If you itch and burn, see your gynecologist

If you haven't seen your gynecologist, go now. Most self diagnosed yeast infections are something else. When you say nothing seems to help, you probably haven't tried everything. I wouldn't jump into a laser procedure looking to cure a yeast infection. There is no data, just speculation based on more speculation.

Normalization Vaginal Ph reducing infections

The Deka pulse of the Mona Lisa laser works to stimulate new collagen synthesis, new blood vessels, thicker vaginal tissue lining, more lubrication, glycogen production which promotes a more normal acidic vaginal environment. The  growth of lactobacilli which is natural to the vaginal environment prevents yeast and other problematic bacteria from causing infections. We have seen resolution of recurrent bladder infections with this therapy.

MLT and yeast infections

Great question. I believe the best answer is no---no evidence. Yeast or monilia requires sugar to grow and menopause is a time when the sugar content of the vaginal secretions decrease, like when your period starts or postpartum. MLT changes these to more resemble a higher estrogen-like state with more mucous, higher sugar content. Therefore it could make this possibly worse. BUT, it hasn't been studied to my knowledge. "Menopausal vaginal atrophy" doesn't include this indication.  Sorry, you may waste your money, or get worse.

MonaLIsa Tougch can help with chronic vaginal infection

Yes, the MonaLisa Touch fractional laser treatment will restore the vaginal epithelial wall and in turn create the proper environment for lactobacillus.   Lactobacillus is the healthy flora of the vagina that creates the acidic pH that keeps away other vaginal infections, like yeast infections.   Evidence has shown that the vaginal pH does change to a healthier level after treatment.

MonaLisa Touch and vaginal symptoms

The MonaLisa Touch can help restore pH balance because of the return of glycogen and hyaluronic acid to the tissues at the cellular level. This in turn allows lactobacillus, the normal vaginal flora, that maintains the appropriate pH. Often times women confuse the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, which include itching and irritation, as a yeast infection. I recognize this when menopausal patients tell me they are repetitively self treating with over the counter yeast suppositories or frequently calling my office for prescription treatments. Please seek a gynecologist who offers the MonaLisa Touch for a history and physical to determine if your symptoms are caused by vaginal atrophy as opposed to recurrent yeast infections. 

Warm Regards, Jennifer Murphy, MD, FACOG

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