My dr doesn't believe in the post operative bra or massage. What do you think?

Had pre op today, was told no post op bra to wear- IF need be, Velcro tape will be used. Also doesn't believe in massaging breasts, just exercise and ice. Would appreciate more opinions. Thanks

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Postoperative instructions

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Every surgeon has his or her own routine for postoperative care, usually based on a combination of scientific evidence and personal experience.  Some surgeons believe in a certain type of bra, others tell their patients to purchase their own, and some tell their patients to go braless; it can be a similar range of responses for postoperative massage.

If your surgeon does not specifically instruct you to wear a bra or perform massage postoperatively, they may have very good reasons related to your particular procedure.  You should feel comfortable enough to ask your surgeon why they have chosen this particular postoperative routine, and you should receive a reasonable answer in return.

Hope this helps, and best of luck,

Dr. Lim

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This is sort of the "art" of Medicine. There are many different opinions and that tells you there is not any one true answer for every patient. You should always follow your surgeon's advise.

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