Difference between anchor blepharoplasty, flowers blepharoplasty, tarsal fixation blepharoplasty ?

What's the difference?

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Flowers was a plastic surgeon based in Hawaii who did a lot of writing on eyelid surgery.

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He described anchor blepharoplasty in some of his papers.  However it is not accurate to say that there is a "Flowers blepharoplasty."  Tarsal fixation is a misnomer.  Unfortunately surgeons who do not under the misconception actual do tarsal fixation.  The tarsus is the hard platform of the eyelid.  It is a mistake to sew the eyelid platform skin and muscle to the tarsus.  An anatomical correct anchor blepharoplasty involves suturing the upper eyelid platform skin to the anterior elevator aponeurosis. This is a fantastic because it snugs the upper eyelid platform skin dealing with loose wrinkles on the upper eyelid platform.  Supporting this skin also supports the upper eyelid lashes helping to brighten the eyes.  It is somewhat of a lost art.  I perform it and often use this approach to correct prior failed upper eyelid surgery.

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