What can be done to correct my smile? Scar, no symmetry and flat lipped smile (Photo)

When I am really happy, I have a gengival smile I have no real defined cupid bow or defined lips, flat lipped smile. I would like more curves, but without having duck lips. I think I have enough volume on my lips, just not well defined for me to have an harmonious smile I fall when I was little, since then, I have, on my upper lip, some sort of swelling/scar which can always be seen, smiling or not. Moreover, it is not at the center of my upper lip, so it looks like I have some symmetry issue

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This cases can be done within 2 options, the first one is with a complete smile makeover, with several procedures , which involve, teeth, gum, crowns and veneers, some root canals, and at the end you will be able to change shape size and even color., the other option is with surgical procedure, and then determine the next solution, complete smile analysis needs to be done, and also a facial analysis, with vectors to determine heights, and angles.you can improve your smile !

Smile symmetry, flat lip


From the photos the issues that I can see is that the Midline of your teeth (the line between your front two teeth) does not match the midline of your nose.  This can have an impact on how the smile looks.  Also the arch with your front six teeth appears to be adequate so that should not be touched at all, rather I would advise to build out some of the side teeth for better support of the cheeks and wider looking smile.In terms of the scar on the lip you should consult a cosmetic dermatologist or a facial plastic surgeon.  Good Luck!  Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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