Breast size seems to have increased 13 days post reduction. Can swelling start increasing at this point in the process? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction 13 days ago. Post op, I was very satisfied with the size and was hopeful that they might even decrease a bit more after swelling resolved. 13 days later the size seems to have increased and I'm very unhappy. It doesn't make sense to me that swelling would start increasing 11-13 days after surgery? I thought swelling is highest after surgery and starts to resolve albeit very slowly. Is it possible for swelling to increase at this point in the healing process? Very worried

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Breast size seems to have increased 13 days post reduction. Can swelling start increasing at this point in the process?

Thank you for your question and pictures. You are still very early in the healing process and it is much too early to be critical of your results. At two weeks, there is still a significant amount of edema that will improve with time. Your breast will also change shape and settle over time. You may also have some minimal fluid collection or small amount of fat necrosis that is causing the recent change. Just follow closely with your surgeon and follow his or her instructions. With time, I think you will have a result with which you are happy.Best of luck!

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Swelling 13 days post op

while the pictures from your POD #4 are not the best, it appears your breast on the right is larger now (POD13) than it was then. You should call your plastic surgeon to be seen and evaluated. This could be just some swelling, but it could also be a hematoma or seroma that has formed that he/she may want to do something about. Call your surgeons office and ask for an appt.

Swelling after breast reduction

Thank you for your question and you are progressing well and it is too early to tell what your final result will look like.  You will have swelling for several weeks and can take up to six months to determine your final look. The swelling you have now will diminish but I would be patient and follow your doctors instructions.

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Post-operative swelling after breast reduction surgery

Hi Sarah, It's great that you're following your condition so closely. I can see that you're anxious about your result and looking for more information, and perhaps some hope that your breasts will yet decrease in size. Certainly, they will, as the edema resolves. This process takes 6 weeks and the shape will continue to change after that. Typically, the final result is not apparent for 3 months or more. Follow-up with your surgeon regularly and certainly let them know if the swelling continues to increase, or if it's asymmetrical. All the best.

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