Can I Have a Breast Reduction and Implants to Achieve Symmetrical Breasts in Shape Size and Perkiness? (photo)

My right breast is a DD almost a DDD while the left is around a C cup. My right sags and droops with large volume while my left is small and doesn't seem to have similar shape. My research has lead me to believe the best surgery would be to have a reduction of the right breast to lower the volume and tighten the skin. Then putting in implants that are similar volume, possibly with one slightly larger to compensate. Would this be the best route? Age: 23 Height 5"7 Weight: 150

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Can I Have a Breast Reduction and Implants to Achieve Symmetrical Breasts in Shape Size and Perkiness?

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Yes a good idea except I would recommend to do implants in a separate operation at least a 6 month interval between the surgeries// 

Surgical treatment for breast asymmetry

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I believe that you have come to an excellent decision for the treatment for your breast asymmetry. Reduction of your right breast can be performed with a traditional type of approach via surgical incisions. If your surgeon determines that your breasts consist of more fat than breast tissue, then liposuction could be an alternative means of breast reduction, as well, limiting the resulting scars on your right breast. Thank you for sharing your photo and question. Best wishes!

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Asymmetry

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When treating breast asymmetry, the options are to increase the smaller one, reduce the larger one or a combination of both. Which choice is right for you will depend a lot on your anatomy and which breast you find more attractive. If you are happier with the size of your left breast, then reduction of the right would make sense. And this may be all that is necessary to achieve symmetry. Or, if you are happier with the size of your right one, then perhaps just an implant in the left will achieve your goal. Obviously, your treatment plan will need to be individualized to you and the best person to help you do this is a board certified plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable. So set up a consultation with one in your area and good luck to you.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Can I Have a Breast Reduction and Implants ?

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Yes, your thinking is correct and you should be able to achieve a degree of symmetry that will be very satisfying to you. At your age, if there is considerable fat in the breast, I have found simple liposuction works well and sometimes no incisions are necessary. Your surgeon can tell with a simple exam. I would not do implants until the reduction has been done and had at least 3 months to heal.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Slower Pace

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Thank you for your pictures.  I would recommend that you stage your procedures. I would perform a breast reduction on the left first to match the right breast.  Re-evaluation at 3-6 month for implants or no surgery.

Dr. ES

Can I Have a Breast Reduction and Implants to Achieve Symmetrical Breasts in Shape Size and Perkiness?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

 Depending on your specific goals, I think that the plan you have outlined makes sense. Generally speaking, you will be best off seeking consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in person.  During this process, it will be important for you to feel comfortable that the plastic surgeon you have selected has significant experience helping patients in your situation.

Then, communicate your goals clearly. In my practice, I find the use of goal pictures very helpful during this communication process.  This communication will also be important in helping your plastic surgeon decide exactly what operation will best achieve your goals.

It will also be important for you to learn about the potential risks/complications associated with surgery;  for example, make sure that you educate yourself about the scarring involved with breast lifting/reduction surgery.  Also, plan the operation appropriately when it comes to life circumstances such as planned pregnancies etc.

 Also, it will be important to achieve realistic expectations prior to proceeding, understanding that absolute symmetry of the breasts will likely not be achieved despite best efforts.  Furthermore, additional surgery may be necessary in the short or long term for a variety of reasons.

 I hope this, and the attached link devoted to breast asymmetry, helps.

Uneven Breast Size Correction

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Your one of the few people I have ever seen who would be a candidate for use of an implant at the same time as a reduction.  I would, however, use the implant only in the left breast.  I would then reduce the right breast to match your left.  I would do this only if he believe that the left breast is too small and he would like it larger.  If, however, he believe the left breast is a reasonable size, I would then only reduce the right breast.  There is never a reason to put an implant in a breast that you are reducing.  You would simply be replacing normal breast tissue with something foreign.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

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