Can asymmetrical eyes be fixed? (Photo)

My assmterical eyes started to get noticeable around 3 years ago. Recently I looked at the photos from my childhood and I did see some assymtrical around my eyes but barely visible. Due to assymetrical eyes i avoid taking pic of myself or being taken. Im 18 year old male. What could had caused this and how could i improve untill i visit the doctor?

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Eyelid Asymmetry is common

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Dear hjbaek

Eyelid asymmetry is actually common. The photos you have posted are not of high quality to be able to evaluate well, but it seems that your left upper eyelid is slightly droopy as compared to the right upper eyelid. This condition is called eyelid ptosis. An examination by an Oculoplastics or Oculofacial Plastic surgeon would be helpful to decide what procedure may help you achieve better symmetry. I have attached a link for you of a similar patient. 

Good luck

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