Areola photo after I removed tape. Look ok? (photo)

I removed my steri sprips at 3 weeks post op from constant leaking. Seems the skin is very irritated and still not healed. I have polysporin and a large bandaid in now to keep covered. Seeing my doctor after the weekend and wondering if it looks ok?

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Nothing alarming from your photo

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with continued wound care as you are doing but you should let your surgeon know of your concerns and ask what is causing that crease in the areola itself.

Wound healing issue

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Thank you for your question and photo. You appear to have a small area of wound separation which is not uncommon. You are doing all the right things. Keeping the area clean, applying antibiotic ointment and keeping it covered. There does not appear to be any evidence of infection. It should heal uneventfully.

Be sure to express your concerns to your surgeon. That's what he/she is there for.

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Areola photo after I removed tape. Look ok?

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I answered a previous question you posted, please see that answer below. It does appear that there are some areas that have some issues with healing. I would advise seeing your plastic surgeon ASAP and following his or her instructions.

Thank you for your picture and questions. If there are some unhealed areas, these areas can produce some ongoing drainage. If you are concerned that there is an underlying problem, you should contact your plastic surgeon and be seen so the incisions can be examined.

Best of luck!

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